When you choose TIME ELECTRICAL to Install a new fan We pay attention to CFMs and sones. Sones indicate how loud a bath fan is—the higher the number the louder the fan. 2 sones is considered quiet.
We make sure that
CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It’s the measurement of airflow. The larger the room, the higher the CFM number you’ll need.
We think 
It’s best to get a fan that’s rated for the size of your bathroom. Here are a few CFM recommendations:
Powder room: 50 to 60 CFM
Medium-size bathroom: 70 to 90 CFM
Large master bath: 100+ CFM
Also we note the size of your old fan. The easiest replacement is to get a new fan that’s the same size as the old one. we can take your old fan to our store to check.
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